Some of you might have noticed a new logo and slogan. Things are changing and you are on the ground floor. Welcome to the first step of what will be a totally new online model building experience. Theplasticadvocate has partnered with LifeinScale so bear with us as we revamp the website, polish up our online store, and refine our new capabilities.


New features are going to be added to help modelers of every skill level improve their game, including custom designed aftermarket accessories.

“UNVARNISHED” will be a series of build reviews without paint, filler, or anything more than basic build tools. Feel free to offer any suggestions of kits you would like to see reviewed. These reviews will also be accompanied by a no frills in box reviewing of the kits themselves. As always, we will publish our in depth build reviews and analysis adding more custom and commission builds.

“THE TOOL BOX” will cover modeling shows, military museums, and other miscellaneous topics of general modeling interest.

“TUTORIALS” will add more in depth instruction in areas not already covered by countless others on YouTube.

Our online shop will be populated by various kits and accessories, plus custom built aftermarket offerings, and we are partnering with a few industry insiders to offer unique and high quality products not offered anywhere else.

Stay tuned and feel free to offer any suggestions or commentary.

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