Kitty Hawk T-6 Texan

Build Information

  • Manufacturer – Kitty Hawk
  • Scale – 1:32
  • Vehicle – North American T-6 Texan
  • Markings – South African Air Force 7111 “Nelson”
  • Paint – Alclad, Mr. Paint, Krylon
  • Aftermarket – Alley Cat Models canopy

Quick Review

The Kitty Hawk T-6 came out back in 2014 and filled a huge hole in the subject market. Until then, there hadn’t been a Texan released in 1/32nd scale. So when this came out, it was a welcome sight. Especially so for me as the Texan has been one of my favorite aircraft for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, Kitty Hawk didn’t give us a flawless kit. There are some pretty big fit issues that take a bit of massaging to make work and the plastic that the kit is molded in is soft and fragile. I broke a few of the more delicate pieces trying to get them off the sprue with a razor saw.

But with those flaws comes a nicely detailed kit that is impressively sized. Kitty Hawk also gives us a nice variety of marking options for making everything from former trainers to current warbirds and airshow planes. Sadly, they only give one option for the canopy and that is for the warbird version. There is no canopy for the older aircraft that have the extra framework, unless you go with an aftermarket option.

This definitely isn’t a kit for beginners, but it can be built well by someone with a little bit of experience. There are a few areas that really require a few more advanced skills than I’d expect a beginner to have. If you can get past those more difficult areas, this builds up to a very nice display.

If you’d like to see a more in-depth review of each area of the build, they can be found below.

Part 1 – Initial Impressions

Part 2 – The Cockpit

Part 3 – The R-1340 Wasp

Part 4 – Assembly

Part 5 – Paint, Decals, and Weathering

Pros: Great subject, interesting marking options, well detailed

Cons: Some fit issues, only late model/warbird canopy provided, soft/fragile plastic

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