The 1/48 Mustang Build-off

Over the next few months, Derek and I are going to take a look at a few of the recent releases of the P-51 along with the venerable Tamiya release that has been the standard since the 1990s.

Included in the build-off will be the Meng and Airfix P-51D and the Eduard P-51D-5 as well as the Tamiya P-51B mentioned already. So there will be a few differences between the versions of the Mustang, but they should give a nice look into the differences and pros/cons between the series of kits.

1 thought on “The 1/48 Mustang Build-off”

  1. Good on you guys. I’ve built the Hasegawa and the Meng mustangs and I have the new Eduard P-51 in the stash. I think the Meng offered a lot more than the Hasegawa Mustang but there were some issues with the gun ports and the spinner that kept it from being a top shelf model. I’m looking forward to reading your comparison.

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