Building an Accurate 1993 Nightstalker MH-60

Kitty Hawk’s MH-60L provides an excellent base for building a 1993-era Black Hawk, though there are a number of corrections that need to be made if you want to be accurate. These modifications have been gathered and verified by crew members from the October 3rd, 1993 mission.


  • Do not install the aft portion of the center console, parts B22, B23 and PE24
  • Port side collective (E16) should be cut at the control head and rotated 90 degrees
  • Add ballistic armor to floor under pilot legs (M2Modelworks part)
  • Pilot doors should not be installed
  • Do not install F32 in Step 2


  • Do not use passenger seats (B-B) built in Step 1
  • Install H-bar support to mount CE seats in combat configuration (M2Modelworks part)
  • Modify CE seat bottoms to install legs so they point aft
  • Move fire extinguishers (E33) in Step 2 from bulkhead to inner part of pilot seat, next to center console
  • Do not install cargo hook in Step 3, use 4-ring tiedown bar (M2Modelworks part)
  • Do not use K-K or J-J in Step 4. Use smaller 1500 round ammo cans (M2Modelworks part)
  • Ballistic armor on floor (M2Modelworks part)
  • Do not build any of the Mk. 230 cannon parts in Step 6
  • Do not install D8 in Step 2. Replace with 2-piece box and pendant (M2Modelworks part)


  • Remove access panel on starboard side, aft of cabin door opening
  • Do not open the holes for the starboard side flare dispenser, do not install dispenser in Step 15
  • Do not open the holes for the forward port flare dispenser, do not install forward dispenser Step 16
  • Use G20, F47 for aft port dispenser
  • Chalk numbers were stenciled on the roof, aft of the main rotor in chalk
  • Do not install X shaped antenna (G32, C52) on roof.
  • Do not install E37 on roof
  • Do not make holes for F34 (Step 16) just aft of the pilot door. Do not install F34
  • Cut and remove the bottom part of the fairing over the main wheel struts (G35, G34) in Step 17 and Step 18
  • Do not use D25 in Step 13, fill hole for D25
  • Tail fairing (G9, G15) is incorrect for 1993. There should be no plume detectors. Cut fairing or use replacement part
  • Do not install D62, D63 in Step 14
  • Hoist controls (B1-B4) in Step 16 are only on L models
  • Weather radar (G44, D19) is only on certain aircraft
  • Do not build ESSS wings in Step 17. Add ESSS covers in their place. Covers are provided in a separate bag by Kitty Hawk. If they’re not in your kit, contact KH.
  • Do not install F35 in Step 19
  • Miniguns did not have the ejector chutes, do not use F68, cut F80 in Step 19
  • Ammo feed chutes were wrapped. You can use PE23 in Step 20 and sculpt over them
  • Step 24end can be skipped

Thanks to JY, MH, PS, PP, RN, GI

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