Derek and Bryce began Military Modelers LLC in 2020 based on a passion for the hobby

An appreciation of the history and machines the hobby represents, and a desire to provide not only a unique perspective but custom products and tutorials to help builders of all skills improve.

Militarymodelers.com is built at the intersection of art and history and is a project of passion, by modelers, for modelers.

Derek Jordan

Derek is a nationally recognized and award winning model builder, having appeared most recently in Fine Scale Modeler’s “Great Scale Models” December 2019 issue. Model building, aviation, and military history, have been a lifelong passion. While his professional career has been eclectic it has always been oriented to service of those in need. As a younger man, Derek was Airborne qualified in the U.S. Army, later he became a civilian firefighter, and he is currently a defense and civil rights attorney primarily practicing in federal courts. Derek’s beautiful wife and children are the driving force behind his desire to excel and they are the support that makes it all possible.

Bryce Nicely

Contact us at info@militarymodelers.com for any inquiries or suggestions.