Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61B (Backdated to A) “Tennessee Ridge Runner”


Here begins the odyssey that will be my attempt at P-61A-5 42-5543 “TENNESSEE RIDGE RUNNER” of the 422nd Night Fighter Squadron stationed in France in late 1944. This will require back-dating the Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61B kit by shortening the fuselage, deleting the dorsal turret, and creating custom masks to paint the prominent nose markings.


I chose this build for a couple of intersecting reasons. First, in all of the shows I have attended I note that large scale builds of large aircraft, especially less famous war birds like the P-61, are strikingly absent. Second, being that the IPMS nationals will be held for the first time in Tennessee, and rather close to my home, I knew I was going to go and wanted to take something specifically that pays homage to the Volunteer State.  To that end, I’ve always thought the Northrup “Black Widow” was an interesting looking aircraft, and when I stumbled upon a history of the Widow, and a profile of the Ridge Runner flown by Lt. Anderson of Kingsport, TN., both of my requirements were satisfied.

Work will be extensive and I only have 9 months that will include the addition of my third child. I will keep this build log updated as frequently as possible and will be posting in-progress pics to the album I will link below separately. Follow along, wish me luck, and if any of you readers happen to be knowledgeable about the P-61 in general, or this aircraft specifically, please do not hesitate to contact me to assist.

Off we go…